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Devinelea's objective is to breed Labrador Retrievers who are both sound with great temperaments that are capable of undertaking any task set them, be it showing, retrieving, obedience or as a muched loved family companions. 

Labradors are very affectionate and fit in well to family life, be it  playing with the kids or having a much enjoyed cuddle on the couch with the adults. They are easily trained and are eager to please.

We have had dogs as part of our family for the last 54+ years. The last 20+ years we have had the pleasure of having Labrador Retrievers. Our dogs are part of the family and live a happy and idyllic life on a rural property in western Victoria about 2½ hours from Melbourne.

Our current Labs are :- 
"ARTIE" Australian Champion & Australian Nueter Champion Jollab Winchester(AI). 
"MAGGIE" Australian Champion Jollab Perazzi (AI). 
"GIBBS" Devinelea Anzac Cove. 
"ZIVA" Australian Champion Devinelea Flanders Fields.
"ELLIE" Devinelea Jive Talking.
We are currently showing "Gibbs" & "Ellie", something which we all enjoy.
We said "goodbye" to our old boy Sailor at 13, and our darling girl Yoda at 11 years old. 
We would like to thank the following people for their generous assistance and advice:-
Geoff Jolly - Jollab Labrador Retrievers.
Jane and Clive Kibble - Curlbrook Curly Coated Retrievers.
Jan and Gavan Farrelly - Jayeffe Labradors.
Bev and David Jones - Kirkdell Labradors.
Gary and Liz Lovell - Lovewyre German Wirehaired Pointers


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Ben & Robyn van Maanen
Stawell, VIC, Australia
Phone : 03 53573254
Email : [email protected]

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